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No rest for the well wicked

Did you naively think that Hot Source would put its feet up for the Christmas break? Think again, my friend. Every last Thursday means every last Thursday. So a very few, socially-committed Hot Sourcers will be propping up the bar … Continue reading ‘No rest for the well wicked’

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Videos from the first Hot Source Event

It’s been a little while coming, but it’s definitely been worth the wait, as we present to you videos of the talks from the first Hot Source event by Tom Wood from Foolproof and Neil Garner from Proxama. For those of you who were there, you can relive the evening, and for those who weren’t there, you can see what you missed out on. We hope you like them, as Tom said on the night, the atmosphere was comparable to that famous night in ’76 when the Sex Pistols first played.

First up is Tom’s talk, a History of Human Factors.

And finally Neil Garner introduces the next evolution in mobile technology ‘Near Field Communications’.

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