Hot Source Ignites!

We said goodbye to 2014 in style by hosting an Ignite presentation evening.

Speaker submissions were open to everyone and anyone who was up for a challenge and had something they wanted to say. As a result, 13 fantastic presenters of all ages, interests and disciplines came and shared their thoughts with a packed bar of eager listeners.

It was a night of insight, humour and irreverence and we’re looking forward to hosting another in the not too distant future.

You can now watch all of the talks thanks to Josh Trett who filmed and edited the evening.

Rod Humby - 2015: An AI odyssey

Tom Wood - What’s happening to Hot Source… and why it’s okay

Rachel Buck - Why B2B marketers are editors

Niamh Cavlan - Digging deeper for data

Neil Powell - A provocation on problems

Neil Pawley - I am likely to die this year…

Nania Tait - My people of Norwich

Matt Wood - Homes of the future

Matt Isherwood - The evolution of wearable technology

Luke Romeril - Agency and client-side

Joshua Croft - I had a successful Kickstarter…

John Heaser - October Makie 2014

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March Videos Live!

March was our first visit to the media lab at NUA and it was fantastic, thank you NUA and we’d love to come back! A great space for Hot Source and the talkies went down a storm.
Matt Dolan introduced us to OpenStreetMap and not just the mapping but also the incredible humanitarian applications and the re-claiming of previously state controlled spaces! Tom Haczewski gave a great introduction to the Open Rights Group and a sense of why we should all be more aware of our digital rights and entitlement to privacy. If you missed the talkies you can watch them now, thanks to Josh Trett for filming and Lambda Films for the post production.

Matt Dolan, ITO World, OpenStreetMap

Tom Haczewski, MMK Digital, Digital Rights

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January Speaker videos live!

Thanks again to Lambda Films, if you missed the January Talkie you can now see the videos here!

Ian Collins, Masterpieces: Art and East Anglia. Ian’s gorgeous top ten, the show closes on the 24th so this weekend is your last chance to see it!

Saffron Myhill-Hunt, LCIF, a great introduction to the UK’s first low carbon film, Grimes on the Beach.

Jo Stafford, STEW, introduces print to the people and the great printmaking facilities at STEW. Watch out for the printmaking makie in April!

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November videos live!

Thanks again to all our November speakers, videos are now live! Big thanks also to Lambda who once again did a great job.

Bernie Reddington, Action for Blind People
Bernie demonstrates how speaking software may help or hinder the experience of navigating a website.

Colin Daniels, Action for Blind People
Colin helps the audience to get a sense of what visual impairment might feel like.

Joshua Marshall, Government Digital Service
Joshua shares his passion for inclusive design and how this translates into the work he does every day.

Meera Pankhania, AbilityNet
Meera gives a whistle stop guide to how to ensure people with accessibility difficulties get the most out of digital products and services.

And last but not least! Muzz Lakhani gives us a great insight into getting technology barriers out of the way of talented people.

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September talkie videos are live

Thanks to everyone who came along to the September talkie and to The Forum for hosting us. It was certainly ignited some interesting conversations and a lively debate. For those of you who missed it, here are the videos filmed and edited very kindly by Lambda films

Stuart Flatt from Average Joes blog gave us some invaluable tips on creating content your audience wants to read.

Nania from Hot Source and Rod Humby from Aviva fed back the findings from the gamestorming session we ran at the July talkie and the changes Hot Source are going to implement.

To have a look at the full results from our Gamestorming activity in July, have a look at the pdf: Pruning The Future - Gamestorming results

We’re having a break this month, preparing for a packed November talkie on Accessibility on November 28th. Hope to see you then!

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July talkie videos are live!

A big thank you to everyone who came along and got creative at the July talkie hosted very kindly by NUA. For those who missed it, here are the videos for your viewing pleasure thanks to some fab camera skills from Josh Trett and post production magic by Lambda films

Tom Wood from Foolproof set the scene by talking about creativity in business and and how it relates to us all no matter what your job title.

Rod Humby from Aviva introduced us to Gamestorming, a tool used in business to unlock ideas and get people thinking about things in different ways.

Hope to see you at the September talkie!

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May talkie, the videos are up!

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our May talkie and to The Forum for hosting us. If you missed it Josh Trett kindly filmed it for us and with some fab post production work from Lambda films it’s almost as if you were there…

Matt Bailey discussed the democratisation of manufacturing technology and how individuals all over the world are using this technology in new and innovative ways.

Chris Sarigisson shared some personal insights on how to avoid ‘blowing up your start-up’.

Finally, Duncan Johnson from Yodelay shared the pain of creating his first app!

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March Talkie- The videos

Thanks to everyone for attending the March talkie and for NUA for kindly hosting. For those who missed it our friends at Norwich video production company Lambda films have kindly filmed our three speakers for your viewing pleasure…

Yvonne Ryan managing editor of The Economist’s The World In series on predicting the future and the digital dilemma in publishing….

Linda Thursby on everything happening over at EPIC and how they are inspiring the young people in Norwich to get involved…

James Turner from Imagination talked us through a field research study of a wheelchair user’s experience of a Paris Motor show and why this type of research can helps companies to ‘get’ user experience at a more general level…

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January Videos are here!

Thanks to City College for filming our fab January talkie. Here are the hotly awaited videos for you to enjoy…

Blair Keen from Adobe talking Optimisation…

Simon Coward on the rapidly expanding Hethel Innovation Centre and it’s goal to make Norfolk known for innovation…

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November videos are here!

A big thank you to Josh Trett for stepping in and doing the camera work in November. Also to Carl at NUCA, and of course Lamba for their post production work.
Good work everyone! So here for your viewing pleasure…….

Gi Fernando of Freeformers on a mission to help underprivileged and undervalued young people break through and find work and opportunity for themselves, via programming.

Tim Ferguson of Aviva telling the story of their journey towards mobile.

Neil Powell, NUCA, on Jake and Dinos Chapman’s My Giant Colouring book, fun for all the family!

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