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March Videos Live!

March was our first visit to the media lab at NUA and it was fantastic, thank you NUA and we’d love to come back! A great space for Hot Source and the talkies went down a storm.
Matt Dolan introduced us to OpenStreetMap and not just the mapping but also the incredible humanitarian applications and the re-claiming of previously state controlled spaces! Tom Haczewski gave a great introduction to the Open Rights Group and a sense of why we should all be more aware of our digital rights and entitlement to privacy. If you missed the talkies you can watch them now, thanks to Josh Trett for filming and Lambda Films for the post production.

Matt Dolan, ITO World, OpenStreetMap

Tom Haczewski, MMK Digital, Digital Rights

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April Screen printing Makie at STEW!

**THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT BUT PLEASE JOIN THE WAITING LIST VIA THE TICKET LINK AND WE WILL SET UP ANOTHER DATE!** At the January Talkie STEW’s very own screen printer in residence, Jo Stafford, showed us a taster of … Continue reading ‘April Screen printing Makie at STEW!’

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