Monthly Archives: December 2011

November ’11 Talkie & Showie Vids

Not before time I hear you cry! Yes the videos of Novembers talkies and showies are now available for your consumption.

David Clulow and Simon Jeffries: Talk

David Clulow and Simon Jeffries 3rd year Graphic Communications students at NUCA (Norwich University College of the Arts) talk us through a project.

Alex Jeffries: MDI Digital showie

Norwich based CGI wizards MDI Digital quick show and tell about their work on the Peperami project, from brief to final piece via the technological and creative challenges they faced. Careful…as you know it is a bit of an animal!

Tom Ablewhite: social research tools and how to use them

We all know that search and social media are a mine of information on almost any topic or industry sector, but Tom talks about some simple tools and processes you can use yourself to boil a potential ocean of internet goodness into the teacup-full of stuff you can really use.

Guy Potter: Usurv market research

Guy is about to launch Usurv on an unsuspecting world from his ideas bunker in suburban Norwich. This is the first place to hear his story. Guy spent a career in market research, but that didn’t stop him noticing that market research is often, er, expensive and slow. So how about a whip-smart, super-fast, ridiculously cheap way of polling on an industrial scale?

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