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Team Tech Briefing this Thursday!

Got your team together? Ideas brewing? Then you’ll need to come along for the tech briefing this Thursday, 23rd Feb, 4-6pm. At Open, click here to find it. The idea is for all the teams to come together to say … Continue reading ‘Team Tech Briefing this Thursday!’

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Proxama’s adventurer talking at Norfolk Network

Hot Source hero Neil Garner of Proxama has brought an MD into his business, next Tuesday at Norfolk Network he’ll tell us how and why and said MD will share with us his extraordinary 30,000 mile sailing and mountaineering adventure … Continue reading ‘Proxama’s adventurer talking at Norfolk Network’

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Near Field Norwich registration is open!

It’s on. Registration for our Near Field Norwich event is open from now until 22nd Feb. It is the UK’s first ever event which allows digital and creative people to play with Near Field Communications tech and find inventive and … Continue reading ‘Near Field Norwich registration is open!’

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January ’12 Talkie Vids

January videos…all you need to know about Behavioural Economics and ‘women in digital’ in 16 minute chunks - not really, but they are still worth a look!

Matt Dobbin, Behavioural Economics

Matt Dobbin gives a super quick guide to the fascinating world of Behavioural Economics. If you want to know more, and you will then here is his recommended reading list.

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature by Mark Earls
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness by Richard H Thaler & Cass Sunstein
Behavioral Economics For Dummies by Morris Altman

Keri Lambden, Web Heroines

Keri shares her experience of creating Web Heroines, how the conference went, why she did it and what her plans are for the future.

Google SketchUp …sadly due to technical problems we don’t have a video of Tracey Tutt talking and showing us about her experience of using Google SketchUp, we will post a link to the presentation soonest!

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