Monthly Archives: June 2012

May Debatey and Talkie videos live!

A huge thank-you to Lambda Films for their work on these…..

Rob Holden-Pratt explaining the ideas behind a Makerspace.

Finola Gaynor sharing Lance Wyman’s wonderful Mexico ’68 graphics

And last but by no means least….Tony Wood (@xfactorcomms) leads the panel of Paul Hill (@paulhill_biz), Maxine Green (@lexicamarketing), Chris Delahunty (@chrisdelahunty) and Sean Clark (@seanclark) on the subject of rules and etiquette for using social media – with some lively contributions from the rest of the Hot Source gang.

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Mad May event: here’s what you missed

Last Thursday’s Hot Source was one of the all-time greats. It was a packed house (we think we had just shy of a hundred people, but we lost count) and it was wildly varied and over-ambitious (how we like it).

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