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March ’12 Talkie Vids

March Videos

Ali Clabburn, liftshare

Ali Clabburn of liftshare talks about the challenges of setting up an online social business and the importance of sharing! A fascinating story about the evolution of liftshare from a noticeboard in university halls, to a nationwide business with over very nearly half a million members and approximately 600 corporate clients.

Jonathan Perlmutter, ip21

Jonathan talked through some of the principles of intellectual property and how to protect it. This talkie provoked the most question asking of any of our talks to date, a record breaker!!

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Intellectual, properly

Last Thursday’s Hot Source talkie was a minor classic. Ali Clabburn and Liftshare are well known to many people across our community, but hearing more of Ali’s story – which dates back to the earliest days of dotcom – was … Continue reading ‘Intellectual, properly’

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