Hot Source Ignites!

We said goodbye to 2014 in style by hosting an Ignite presentation evening.

Speaker submissions were open to everyone and anyone who was up for a challenge and had something they wanted to say. As a result, 13 fantastic presenters of all ages, interests and disciplines came and shared their thoughts with a packed bar of eager listeners.

It was a night of insight, humour and irreverence and we’re looking forward to hosting another in the not too distant future.

You can now watch all of the talks thanks to Josh Trett who filmed and edited the evening.

Rod Humby - 2015: An AI odyssey

Tom Wood - What’s happening to Hot Source… and why it’s okay

Rachel Buck - Why B2B marketers are editors

Niamh Cavlan - Digging deeper for data

Neil Powell - A provocation on problems

Neil Pawley - I am likely to die this year…

Nania Tait - My people of Norwich

Matt Wood - Homes of the future

Matt Isherwood - The evolution of wearable technology

Luke Romeril - Agency and client-side

Joshua Croft - I had a successful Kickstarter…

John Heaser - October Makie 2014

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