July talkies: something new

One thing we’ve learned about our summer talkie events is that July is the graveyard shift. All the students are away and half of the rest of you are making sandcastles. So rather than line up some heavyweight out-of-town speakers we’ve decided to trial a new talkie format that’s a little bit more intimate and homespun.

7×7 is a really popular format on the conference scene. Seven speakers each have seven minutes to pitch an idea or a point-of-view. We’ll run it somewhere small where we can talk as a group and drink beer as we go.

So the question is: have you got seven minutes of something that you’d like to get off your chest? These talks always work best when they completely avoid any kind of balance – just let rip on something you’re passionate about. If that sounds like fun to you, then volunteer for a speaking slot. Just give us your name and the subject you want to talk about by emailing us on mail to me link

We’ll give you more details about the venue and the line up nearer the time.

May Debatey and Talkie videos live!

A huge thank-you to Lambda Films for their work on these…..

Rob Holden-Pratt explaining the ideas behind a Makerspace.

Finola Gaynor sharing Lance Wyman’s wonderful Mexico ’68 graphics

And last but by no means least….Tony Wood (@xfactorcomms) leads the panel of Paul Hill (@paulhill_biz), Maxine Green (@lexicamarketing), Chris Delahunty (@chrisdelahunty) and Sean Clark (@seanclark) on the subject of rules and etiquette for using social media – with some lively contributions from the rest of the Hot Source gang.

Mad May event: here’s what you missed

Hot Source debateLast Thursday’s Hot Source was one of the all-time greats. It was a packed house (we think we had just shy of a hundred people, but we lost count) and it was wildly varied and over-ambitious (how we like it). Continue reading ‘Mad May event: here’s what you missed’

Debate update

We are sorry to say that Chris Wheeler of Metalfrog has pulled out of the debate. Shame. However we are pleased to say that Sean Clark of Soak Social (and recently ex of Adnams) has stepped in! Hoorah! We are sure that Sean’s insights will make it a colourful debate. So please join us as we ask, is it socially acceptable to automate your social media? How much of the human is left in our social media interactions?

Also you should try to catch the Lance Wyman show at The Gallery (NUCA) before hearing the curator Finola Gaynor talk about the commercialisation of the Olympics, Twitter bans, wayfinding and more. The Gallery will be open ’til 7.30pm on Thursday for after talkie visits!

It’s another Hot Source FIRST - we present the ‘debatey’!

You’ve heard the talkies, seen the showies and enjoyed the drinkies, now is your chance to join the debatey! We are all set for Thursday 31st May at the NUCA Duke Street lecture theatre at 5pm, gum-shields in, we are testing out a new format – the debatey. What constitutes spam on social media and are there unwritten rules that people and companies should follow? Our LinkedIn discussion about this revealed some pretty polar opinions, so we thought we could give everyone a chance to share their thoughts. The incomparable Tony Wood will steer the discussion with views from a panel including Paul Hill from Archant, Chris Delahunty from MMK, Chris Wheeler from Metalfrog Studios and Maxine Green from RAC. A great opportunity to find out where you sit on this issue…and have a bit of a rant.

And there’s more…..

Fab Lab? Makerspace? Hackspace? There’s been a lot of interest on our LinkedIn board about this topic, but what’s all the fuss about? Rob Halden-Pratt of Tribe TV will explain what goes on in these spaces in cities like Cambridge, Manchester and San Francisco. He’ll also make the case for why we need one here, and what we can all do to make it happen.

and more…..

Information is beautiful. This idea is brilliantly brought to life by ‘You Are Here’, the Lance Wyman exhibition at NUCA’s St George’s Street gallery which includes work from Mexico ‘68 Olympics and the brilliant wayfinding work for Washington National Zoo. and We’ve asked the curator of the show Finola Gaynor to talk to us Lance’s work and how and why she put the exhibition together.

March ’12 Talkie Vids

March Videos

Ali Clabburn, liftshare

Ali Clabburn of liftshare talks about the challenges of setting up an online social business and the importance of sharing! A fascinating story about the evolution of liftshare from a noticeboard in university halls, to a nationwide business with over very nearly half a million members and approximately 600 corporate clients.

Jonathan Perlmutter, ip21

Jonathan talked through some of the principles of intellectual property and how to protect it. This talkie provoked the most question asking of any of our talks to date, a record breaker!!

Intellectual, properly

Last Thursday’s Hot Source talkie was a minor classic. Ali Clabburn and Liftshare are well known to many people across our community, but hearing more of Ali’s story – which dates back to the earliest days of dotcom – was a real eye-opener. If you missed it, make 10 minutes in your day when we put the videos up.   Continue reading ‘Intellectual, properly’

Noodling with NFC

The Near Field Norwich event reached its finale on Thursday last week. The event gave teams a month to use an NFC campaign management platform developed by Proxama. It was the first event of its kind in the UK, so we were one of the first creative communities the world to look at the potential of this new technology.

Eleven teams made it to the finish line, and Hot Source salutes each and every one of them. Continue reading ‘Noodling with NFC’

Amazeballs. March 29th Talkie line up.

Another fried slice of Hot Source Talkie goodness coming your way. The venue is the NUCA Duke Street lecture theatre on Thursday 29th March. Kick off is at 5pm.

Ali Clabburn of liftshare will talk about the challenges of setting up an online social business. Ali is the founder and Managing Director of liftshare.com, the UK’s leading provider of car-sharing and sustainable transport solutions. Come and hear the story of liftshare from a noticeboard in university halls, to a nationwide business with over 323,000 members and approximately 600 corporate clients.

Jonathan Perlmutter of ip21 will talk us through some of the principles of intellectual property and how to protect it. Any creative community should know the basics of doing this, so we think this talk subject is long overdue.

Plus! Showies from some of the entrants in the Near Field Norwich NFC accelerator event which will have had its finale event the week before.

And! An announcement about another flipping awesome competition that you can enter.

Ooh Mister Ambassador, with this Talkie line-up you are really spoiling us…

NFC accelerator event showcases Norwich digital talent

Near-Field Norwich briefing sessionNear Field Norwich brings together digital meet-up group Hot Source with local NFC specialist Proxama in the region’s first NFC accelerator event. Continue reading ‘NFC accelerator event showcases Norwich digital talent’