Makerspace Resources

Rob Holden-Pratt has kindly shared with us his Makerspace Resources.

Maker Movement

·         Make Magazine: - they also have some excellent video resources too and a twice monthly web series here
·         Makerbot – see check out community and TV sections for info. Part of Open Hardware movement – all about collaboration and using different disciplines to work towards a common goal.
·         Kickstarter – crowdsourced funding (coming to UK imminently) (see also Indiegogo, sponsume, buzzbank)
·         Instructables – DIY sharing platform
·         Etsy – global sales site for crafters
·         Common  - describes itself as manufacturing social ventures website here video here - I may also have mentioned

The Business potential of the Maker movement
·         Limor Fried and AdaFruit – biog and her website here
·         Fantastic Wired Article – Atoms are the new Bits
·         Brickarms
·         Cuusoo – Lego crowd innovation platform –
·         V&A Power of Making exhibition – details here and the video art projects here
·         Open Hardware Summit video (features Instructables, Chumby, Arduino, Tv-be-gone) I’ve written about it here too

Actual labs
·         MIT Fab Lab project
·         Manchester FabLab
·         Cambridge MakeSpace
·         Omniversity
·         Makerhood – local making collective

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