End of 2014 Ignite session

The grand finale to another year of epic wonderment from Hot Source. We’re trying something new.

Ignite is a presentation format which is becoming popular on the conference circuit. Each five minute talk is made up of 20 slides which appear for just 15 seconds each before automatically clicking on to the next. It’s a great way of packing a lot of information/opinion/craziness into a short space of time.

We’ve got a great line up, covering diverse ground from Artificial Intelligence and Architecture to the sweetly titled ‘Night of the copyright dead’ to a ‘Who’s Who’ in Norwich, a Kickstarter success story and anugget of wonderfulness from the Norwich Writers Centre… PHEW!

We are still inviting submissions to talk at the event. The very loose theme is that the evening will help us look back across 2014 and/or forward into 2015. Would you like to reflect on the year in Norwich art, film-making, technology, design or society? Or to make some predictions about 2015? Or maybe you just want to share something you’ve been working on that you are proud of. Or get people interested in something that you think they might find useful.

So here’s the deal for submissions:

  • Submit your idea for a five-minute talk (20 slides x 15 seconds each) to [email protected] by Nov 15th 2014
  • Give us a title and don’t use more than 100 words to pitch it.
  • If chosen, you need to get the slides to us by Thurs 20th November
  • Join us on the night, give your talk, have fun
  • Note we will film the talks and put them on the web.

The big night is on Thursday 27th November. This is a great opportunity to have a go at the Ignite format; it’s handy experience if you’re thinking of submitting to national or international conferences and a fun, friendly environment to bust your Ignite cherry!

Join us on Thurs 27th November 6pm @ Vodka Revolution (upstairs) on Queen St, Norwich !

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